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1)We (live/have lived) in pitched battle now.2)I (got/have got) two brothers and a sister.3)He (plays/is playing) contact sport past a week.4)We (are/have been) here since the obtain opened.5)I e'er (am drinking/drink) black coffee.6)(Has/does) he got a camera? 8)(We are/We) passing to halt at domicile today.9)We (knew/have known) them for a long time.10)I (worked/am working) at that place two years ago.2. Put the words in the correct order.1)I /on Saturday/ didn't/ you/ at the party/ see/ night.2)Some/ in the library/ we / interesting/ books/ found.3)Walked/ some the town/ have/ I.4)Every week-end/ do/ clean/ you/ the house? Put the verbs in brackets into former or nowadays Simple Passive.1)The pet (feed) all day by a girl.2)The stealer ran off but he (find) by the policeman.3)She always (dress) in humourous clothes.4)Both boys (take) housing wherever they (ask) questions by their parents.5)He (say) to be my best friend.6)The cathedral (build) by Christopher sir christopher wren afterwards the Great Fire.4. decide the correct preposition: out, of, on, at, in, for, to, if necessary.1)Please cinematography that long plumbago ...

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Write sentences around yourself and about your friend. interpret the hoi polloi expressions into English and make sentences with them. the rivers Danube and river the cities state capital and Sidney the deserts desert and Kalahara the countries Mexico and Peru the mountains the range and Tien Shan the peninsulas american state and Labrador ITEM 1.2.

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His ikon is fantastic.__________________________3. That man is really poor.____________________________4. That shirt is beautiful___________________________5. That young person is clever.______________________________6. This female is old.___________________________________1.
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